Tea Talk

Happy Friday! It’s been a week here at our house. I’ve been really off my game, routine wise, which is throwing me off. Next time I’ll have a post dedicated to my morning rituals that help keep me grounded and make for a better day. A big part of my day is tea. Tea is great. I know it’s hard to forego your typical coffee jolt in the morning, but hear me out.

Coffee is great. Seriously, you will not find a person who loves coffee more than myself. Tea, however, is a totally different love affair. There are so many health benefits to whatever tea you’re drinking. Just like coffee, you can ruin it by adding sweeteners, syrups, etc. While I love almost every tea (except Earl Grey, I JUST CAN’T DO IT), I’ll share a few of my faves and hopefully you can jump on the tea wagon too.



Cranberry tea is so good. It doesn’t have a huge “tea” presence, meaning it doesn’t taste too bitter or herbal. This tea from Traditional Medicinals  is a necessity in my house. I hate being bloated. Doesn’t every chick? THE WORST. This baby helps with unnecessary water weight. I would only recommend drinking this when it’s necessary. If you’re going on vacation or have an event would be good examples. Drink 2 glasses a day for optimal results.


Green Tea is delicious, energizing, and full of powerful benefits. It aids in weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure and so much more. The longer you steep it, the more caffeine there will be. Since it’s a natural diuretic, you won’t be bloated like you would be with coffee. Some people find the taste to be too bitter and at first it can be. My favorite way to drink green tea is with a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh mint leaves. Mint is an awesome addition to green tea because it also helps with digestion, so this is a powerhouse combination. Steep your tea for at least 2o minutes, squeeze some lemon, and add 5 mint leaves. I leave it in a pitcher in the fridge and drink it cold throughout the day. However, if you’re short on time, Tazo Tea has a blend called Zen that’s basically the same thing (available in tea bags and K-cups).



I know, this sounds awful, but before you scroll down or exit completely….don’t. Dandelion root is crazy beneficial. It breaks down fats, promotes liver health, aids in digestion, and gets rid of waste. IT IS AMAAAZZZIIINNNNGG.


Dirty Chai


I added this baby for those tea  skeptics that refuse to omit coffee from their life. This is a simple chai tea with delicious notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Plus, it has the added bonus of espresso. You can have your coffee and tea in one.

Turmeric and Ginger


This is a powerful and complimentary combination. Turmeric is so good for you, it’s pretty incredible. It has many anti-inflammatory components and aids in pain relief. This is what I drink during the time of the month. Yep. This is an all natural way to combat menstrual cramps. Turmeric is one of the “highest ranking antioxidant spices in the world, just below cinnamon”. Ginger, a sweeter spice, is great for nausea.




Rough day? Stressed out? Struggle with anxiety? Me too. It’s so hard to turn my mind off at the end of the evening. I’m constantly forcing myself to go to sleep and to stop worrying about the kids, bills, school, etc. There are two things that help me unwind, wine (ha! of course) and chamomile tea. I was sitting in Target one day complaining to my husband about how I am so stressed and am struggling with mini panic attacks. A kind woman overheard me and suggested I drink chamomile tea. I went directly to the tea aisle and grabbed a box. It worked. After about half a glass, I immediately feel relief and drowsiness. Chamomile is famous for helping soothe the body and aid in sleep. For those of you who need to relax, try this sucker. Yogi has a few different Bedtime varieties, but this one is my favorite.




A Potent Blend of Two Strong Adaptogens. (n.d.). Retrieved from Turmeric Ginger: http://www.turmericginger.com/








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