April Beauty Picks

Hey Babes! I’ve been MIA for nearly three weeks, skipping scheduled blog posts and putting duties off. It’s been CRAZY here at my house. Most of you know we were building a home and due to be living in it in July. However, it fell through (which majorly sucked). But two weeks ago we decided to buy a house instead! Between packing, paperwork, registering my kiddo for a new school and all the normal daily tasks, life has been NUTS! However, it is finally April.  PRAISE THE LAWD! With April comes this new sense of freshness, at least in my world. I start purging the old and cleaning the heck out of everything. I tried to refresh my mind and my body for warmer days ahead.

My beauty picks this month reflect just that. Winter is (hopefully) over and your skin needs a revamp. Cold weather is so hard on skin. April is a tricky month. It’s not hot enough to just rock some SPF, so you can still wear an entire face of make up. But your skin is probably hating you from winter and needs a break from your foundations and dark lip stains. Your body, if like mine, enjoyed winter…..a lot. Like…. a lot a lot. So maybe you need a bit of a detox. Maybe your shelf in your bathroom closet just needs a make over altogether? You’re tired of warm vanilla sugar scents and are looking to freshen it up a bit. Here we go!

Dove Dry Spray

I sweat. ALL THE TIME. It can be -4 degrees and I’m still a sweaty dude. WHYYYY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!? I have tried almost every deodorant out there. I usually steer towards the clinical strength types, but I gave this a try instead. First off, this coconut one smells heavenly. All you do is spray a little bit on and you’re good to go! I never felt smelly or sweaty! It was really impressive. I totally recommend you add this to your routine. If you’re a gym lady, this stuff is PERFECT to freshen up with after you’re done and not showering right away.IMG_4036

Hum Daily Cleanse

IMG_4039You know when you’re on Insta and those ads pop up? That’s how I discovered HUM. Timing was of the essence because I was currently searching for a new vitamin regimen. HUM is pretty amazing. They’re made with all natural ingredients and their entire line is designed to treat virtually any issue you may have. I started with this little pill called Daily Cleanse. It’s a daily vitamin that helps rid your skin and body from toxins. The wonders in this little capsule are awesome! It’s full of chlorella, spirulina, dandelion, milk thistle and matcha green tea. It’s the perfect thing to detox your body for Summer. I totally encourage all of you to check out their entire line! The other one I cannot live without is called Flatter Me for bloating and healthy digestion.

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Neapolitan EyesCream

Ohhhh man. Have I mentioned my undying love for Beauty Bakerie yet? BEST MAKE UP LINE EVER. No, seriously. Best EVER! Everything is smudge/waterproof. I love this subtle eye shadow palette. It features very natural hues of browns, pinks, and creams. You know…like Neapolitan ice cream. The packaging is adorable and the quality is flawless. This palette is perfect for Spring/Summer. No shade is too overpowering and the colors totally build if you’re looking for something more dramatic. My fave shades are Chocolate Chip and Strawberry.

Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo

IMG_4038I love me some Dry Shampoo. A good one that won’t break the bank is hard to come by. I think my favorite line of Dry Shampoos that you can find at a drug store would be Not Your Mother’s. Super affordable and super awesome. They have a few different varieties from volumizing to cleaning. I love the texturizing one. I have very short, very thin hair. This is perfect for creating some piecy looks and adding some tousled waves. Not to sound too redundant, but it creates amazing….TEXTURE. Who knew?

BeFine Night Cream

img_4037.jpg As I said last month, I love natural products that eliminate harsh chemicals. Befine is an awesome brand that uses natural products to make your skin as youthful as possible. Their night cream, which uses millet, cocoa, and rice bran is wonderful for creating even skin tone. I use this bad boy every night and my blotchiness and blemishes have evened out. If you’re struggling with some uneven skin tone this cream is perfect. They also have day creams and a frickin awesome neck cream that everyone needs to use. Fun Fact::::: DO NOT IGNORE YOUR NECK. It’s one of the most overlooked areas of the body and one that deserves the most attention. Necks are one of the things that show age the most, so I encourage all of you to invest in an appropriate neck cream.

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