Welcome to Mother Trend. My name is Alex Shutske, momma of two, beauty product lover, fashion fanatic, amateur foodie, and lover of all things that make my life easier.

My goal with this blog was to create a space where women can come and find information regarding overlooked items.

Everyone knows that when you give birth to your little angels all forms of freedom go out the window. Meaning, how are we supposed to find the time do put on mascara, learn how to contour (since that was all popular for a second), find out the difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil (since that is apparently the cure for all), or find out why Apple Cider Vinegar is the best thing ever created? There is endless information and not enough time to figure out all the latest trends. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just do the research for you? That’s what I’m here for. I test all the latest beauty products, shop the fashions fads, research all the healthy ways to live this century, test out recipes, do the workouts, and write the blogs.

So, that’s the blog. Now here’s me.

From the beginning I’ve always had a mass interest in the lovely. Give me all the eye shadow and lipsticks please! Along the way, I became a mama to my two angels. Gage, my eldest, is 5, and my daughter, Piper, is 3. After painfully pushing those two into the world, womanhood made an exit. BYE BYE PUSH-UP BRA! However, as they get older little things get easier. After a while, you learn how important it is to do the things that make YOU happy. Whether that be a new lipstick or a yoga class, it’s important to keep yourself balanced so you can keep them happy and alive.

Alongside spending too much money¬† at Ulta and drinking too much Kombucha, I’ve always loved to write. While I am no Dickens or Jane Austen, I can hold my own. I figured a blog would be the best way to combine what I enjoy with what I’m good at.

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy.